A Sip and See Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I hosted asip and see baby showerfor my next door neighbor. Kelly had her first baby during our biggest snow storm of the year but we were able to celebrate just a couple of months later! I’ve got ideas for a sip and see shower for you to host at home.

sip and see baby shower

What is a Sip and See?

Whenever I mention a “sip and see” I’m surprised by how many people still have not heard of it. I guess we all get lost in our own bubble and think that the things we’re so familiar with must be common to others. Ha! So let me clarify it for you here.

A sip and see baby shower is a small celebration you hold for the momthe baby is born. This is an event where she introduces the baby to friends and family.

有几个原因可以举办一个sip和年代ee rather than a traditional shower. The most common would be that the mom-to-be has already had a shower(s) and received all the essentials. Or this is a second or third baby for the mom. In our case Kelly’s family held a shower for her during her holiday visit and provided them with everything they would need. So the sense of urgency for “things” wasn’t there. Also, her last trimester fell during December/January which as the hostess, was impossible for me to do as we were mid-holiday craziness, and I traveled a few times in January.

The sip and see was small and intimate with some neighborhood friends, and we got to meet 2-month-old baby Declan who was an absolute doll, and happy to socialize!

An aqua blue and gold sip and see baby shower with pretty details and ideas to inspire you. baby shower sip and see aqua and gold baby shower sip and see table one baby shower sip and see snack cups baby shower sip and see chocolate mustache favors baby shower sip and see brunch menu

Sip and See Baby Shower Decor

I chose to decorate with an aqua and gold palette because it combines the blue for baby boy as well as the gold and shimmer for mom. I hosted a brunch for the group and the funny thing is that my plans for the party completely changed 3 days before the shower!

When the rsvp’s came in and I realized the size would be closer to 10 than 20, I decided to make it a sit down brunch instead of a “small-bites” brunch….which meant I needed to create a hardier menu than previously planned. I also had to set up tables, decor, and favors in 2 days!

  • I set the tables with these awesome chevron place mats, some wide ribbon as a runner, and flowers. For the long table I used aqua bud vases lined down the middle, and for the round table I made a larger arrangement in my gold faceted vase.
  • Each place had a little gold snack box {from Target} filled with asweet party snack mixthat even matched the “boy” theme, with blue candies inside. I embellished the boxes with little mustache cutouts made with a craft punch – the mustache graphic became an accent to several areas of the party.
  • Chocolate mustache favors topped each plate for guests to take home. I made these with a candy mold and dark chocolate, and I thought that tying them to an aqua card would add color and make them stand out more.

An aqua blue and gold sip and see baby shower brunch, with pretty details and ideas to inspire you. baby shower sip and see personal sign baby shower sip and see brunch punch baby shower sip and see drinks and sweets baby shower sip and see doughnut holes and milk shots baby shower sip and see drink cart baby shower sip and see glasses and straws

Sip and See Baby Shower Menu

  • The menu was hardy but easy to prepare. I made two quiches – one with meat and the other vegetarian. I made myeasy chicken quicherecipe that appeals to so many picky eaters, and I made an amazinggoat cheese and roasted red pepper quiche{mmmm, I just love goat cheese}. I also made mymini party sandwiches with brown sugar glazewhich is another crowd-pleasing recipe.
  • Fresh fruit with a lightly sweetened dressing {from the deli}, and an assortment of sweet pastries {from the bakery} finished off the meal. Skewer doughnut holes and place them on top of mini milk shots for a cute treat!
  • I made a delicious batch of citrussunshine punchthat could be served as is, or with a little champagne added. I bet you can just guess which way I drank it!

baby shower sip and see game cards on mini clip boards baby shower sip and see mom and baby

Sip and See Activity

  • I did provide one activity for the guests to do. I printed some game cards and attached them to mini clipboards so they’re easy to write on. The game was a children’s book scramble. Guests have to figure out what the real title for the book is based on some very ornate and clever descriptions. I got the list fromTried and True blog.

The day went very well and everyone loved meeting baby Declan. Isn’t he precious!

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  1. I love everything about this!!!! I admit I did not know about a sip and see party! The concept is great for the Mom (a get away) and friends getting to meet the baby without disturbing them at home. I also love your decorations, food and treats, I plan to use many of these ideas for future parties! Great job!

    1. Judy, I agree. I’ve hosted a few sip & see’s and the mom has always commented on how nice it is to not have to clean their own house for the party! And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love seeing a new baby

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